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Hi! I'm Mark Jackson.

Welcome to Glazed and Brazed!

Art has always been a big part of my life, but as I got older and started out on my own I really lost that artistic side of me. I had no avenue to explore and release that creativity, I was always just focused on work. Cooking wasn’t always high on my list of things I liked to do when I was younger, but after watching enough cooking shows, because nothing else was on, I started thinking that not only does that look delicious, but I can do that. I was very wrong in the beginning!

It was very frustrating to me at first how awful I was at something that seemed so simple as I watch these chefs on TV whip things up in 30 minutes on the fly. I started to watch not just the story of the show, but what they were doing and the techniques as this intrigued me. A lot of these things can really relate to my background and education of art. Over the years I have kept honing my skills and continuing to learn and experiment. Am I a chef, no, but I do love to cook and how it allows me to express that artistic side of me once again. I just hope sharing of my experience gives some of that same inspiration back that I found in my love for cooking.

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